We are a customer focused company. Our goal is to offer efficient and cost effective services. And we can achieve this by

- Good analysis and scientific research.

- Taking the right decisions.

- Doing the work , according to GreenTec's ethical standards.


Our mission

"To maximize resource value, while minimizing and even eliminating environmental impact so that both our economy and our environment can thrive."



What we do for our customers

-         Provide quality products and services which meet or exceed expectations.

-         Communicate honestly and fairly.

-         Provide cost effective services.

-         All this done in minimum time.



What we do for our employees

-         Respect the dignity of each individual.

-         Create an environment where employees understand standards of ethical conduct and abide by those standards.

-         Supply training to educate employees on waste management standards.



What we do for Communities and the environment

-         Safeguard the environment and our natural resources.

-         Support organizations that improve the environment.

-         Provide environmental education.