"It's not important what you achieve, but how you achieve it."

Our values provide the foundation of our company's practices and standards.

GreenTec has a Code of Conduct. Anyone dealing with us should read it and understand it. The name of the Code is "Integrity, Respect and Team work". This code outlines the company's core values of honesty, accountability, safety, professionalism, respect, inclusion, and employee empowerment. And emphasizes the need for fair and honest business dealings in all aspects of the company's business, and provide general guidance.

The objectives of the code

1-    Create an environment where employees understand standards of ethical conduct and abide by those standards.

2-    Communicate with employees to solve problems in an ethical behavior without fear of retribution.

3-    Promoting equal opportunities for all employees in all areas of our company.

4-    Emphasizing the fairness and honest dealings in all aspects of the company's business.


Download "GreenTec Code of Conduct"